What to do when electricity spills out over the suburb?

Utilities in Australia have long been aware of the effect that a substation EPR has on the area surrounding the substation, and their responsibility to look beyond the substation boundary fence and care for people living and working in this region. However, institutional boundaries have sometimes led to conflict or gaps regarding who is responsible for managing the overlapping risks leading to inefficient mitigation of the risks or hazards not being identified or mitigated adequately.

This presentation will examine the impact of various policy positions regarding neutral point grounding and bonding and isolating of earthing conductors throughout the network and the interdependencies impacting indirect shock risk profiles. The presentation will also discuss how an IEEE80 working group is working to produce guidelines to assist asset owners and designers new to the task of calculating or measuring the effects and deciding how to manage the risk that workers and people face. Simplified first pass assessment tools will be examined as a means of prioritising focus and more advanced techniques will be compared for identifying critical locations and managing the risk through analysis and measurement.

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