Dr Franco D’Alessandro

Lightning Protection International (LPI)

Franco D’Alessandro has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of lightning protection and earthing, from fundamental research through to product development and the provision of consultancy services worldwide.

Dr D’Alessandro manages PhysElec Solutions Pty Ltd, which provides independent consultancy services worldwide, and is also currently the Chief Technology Officer at Lightning Protection International Pty Ltd.

He has delivered many seminars and presentations on lightning protection and earthing in Australia and overseas and has published more than 100 technical papers on these topics. He is a SMIEEE, MIEAust and a participating technical member of Standards and code-setting committees in Australia, Europe and the USA.

My Sessions

Comparison of standardised methods for implementation of direct-strike lightning protection

The protection of a building, structure, facility or site against direct lightning strikes is the first important step in providing a comprehensive lightning protection solution (LPS). This task is achieved with lightning rods or “air terminals” appropriately positioned or placed to provide a desired “interception efficiency” or level of protection. The number of air terminals […]


A new IEC compliant earth enhancing compound with market leading performance

Earth enhancing compounds (EECs) can be an effective solution for lowering the resistance or impedance of an earthing system in both power system and lightning protection applications. However, not all EECs are equal in their independent testing, performance, characteristics, ease of application, OH&S aspects and environmental credentials. The paper reviews the relative performance of the […]


Smart SPDs: The future of surge protection

Surge protection devices (SPDs) are used to protect electrical equipment from the effects of surges, impulses and other temporary over-voltage events. Many such events are caused by lightning strikes to and switching operations within a power system. All SPDs have a finite lifespan. A SPD is degraded over time due to exposure to repeated impulses, […]

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