Dr Peter Stepien

Principal Engineer ResTech

Peter Stepien received a B.E. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Newcastle and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Sydney and is registered as a CPEng. He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and Senior Member of the IEEE.

His current position is Principal Engineer at ResTech, taking a leadership role in providing consultancy services to industry and designing electronic equipment. He has carried out numerous investigations of earth fault limited power systems, including electric shock incidences and the use of VSDs, covering the effect of circulating currents, touch potential and the impact on protection devices. His work at ResTech resulted in a patent for detection of leakage or fault currents from equipment in an electrical power system and associated products.

Dr Stepien also holds the position of Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle and teaches as a Casual Academic for the University of Newcastle, the University of Sydney and overseas. He was Chair of the Engineers Australia Electrical College Branch, Newcastle Division (2017-2019).

My Sessions

Control of Touch Potential Transients During Switching

There have been an increasing number of touch potential incidences reported during switching of electrical equipment in systems where no faults were present. These touch potentials occurred during closing and opening of circuit breakers and contactors. A mechanism has been identified for these touch potential transients that is consistent with the reported incidences. The estimated […]

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